White flat 

In this renovated apartment, everyone feels at home. For the owners, the inspiration was a love for modern simplicity interwoven with humble deference to the antique and bygone. The modern additions including the windows, main door, built-in furniture, and fixtures serve as a backdrop for numerous original and vintage furnishings, all of which are surrounded by the famous RAL9016 white.

Most prominent of the old antiques are the doors and the art deco furniture, bequeathed from the owners’ grandparents and transported from their old Silesian homes. The furniture was leisurely restored and now serves as the main highlight of the bedroom against the vivid walls. The modern updates to the apartment are rightfully subdued, giving a number of the decorating heirlooms and mementos prominence throughout the apartment. The layout was left unchanged, with only a few modifications introduced, allowing the original parquet floor to be left entirely intact. Among the minor changes was the construction of a small closet just next to the entrance and cleverly disguised behind one of the antique doors. A minute bathroom was just large enough to fit all the necessities and accommodate a rain shower thanks to folding doors. As the original budget did not allow for a complete kitchen refit, the owners were limited to only low-cost enhancements. These included a table rescued from a family member’s garage, chairs won in an internet auction, the bar-none cheapest Ikea kitchen available (no longer available), and a wide variety of kitchen appliances also lovingly devoted by close and distant family. Remaining is the living room, which was outfitted with shelves along the balcony doors highlighting the outdoor view. A hi-fi system serves as the centerpiece, whereas as the rest of the room is both uncluttered and light-colored, underscoring the high ceilings typical of such prewar buildings.

investor: private designer: Anna Smardz design date: 2018 execution date: 2018 area: 55m2 location: Wroclaw fot. Maciej Lulko



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