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I create spaces that stand the test of time. Let me be your technical and asethetic support.

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I design
with you
in mind

The interior vision should align with your personality and sensibility. You don't have to bear the burden of decision-making and uncertainty about the outcomes. Let's work together.

Here's how we'll handle your investment:
1. Needs analysis
We discuss your preferences, expectations, and needs, review inspirations, gather important guidelines, discuss the budget, and create an action plan.
2. Function
Planning functionality is the foundation of our work. We analyze your movement within the interior and determine the placement of each element. This process results in an interior layout, serving as the main source of information for our solutions.
3. Style
Style considerations guide us from the outset of the process. Now, we're solidifying the vision, translating ideas and inspirations into tangible solutions. We define the mood and character of the interior, examining how light interacts with colors. Our work involves 3D models, collages, and material samples.
4. Design
Based on our mutual agreements, I prepare detailed documentation.
5. Supervision
My support during the implementation phase, if you decide on a project with supervision.

What do you gain?

  • an interior design project developed with a passion for simplicity, featuring timeless solutions

  • the interior finishes, furniture, or art you choose to invest in will complement each other
  • immediate support in the form of meetings, regular consultations, and discussions, as effective communication is key to a successful collaboration

Design services

My specialty lies in designing and arranging private and commercial interiors. I collaborate with trusted suppliers and contractors. I often work in between architecture and interior design. For larger projects, we operate as a team, so no assignment is too daunting for us.

This could be
your space:

I invite you to a no-obligation meeting where we can discuss your plans.

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