Our proposal to switch the location of the kitchen and office at first surprised the owners but, after consideration, was found to offer an ideal solution – a functional arrangement separating work space from home life while concomitantly providing the kitchen with a beautiful garden view.

At first glance, the goal was clear. Modernize an existing kitchen cum dining room located on the ground floor of a single-family home. How appearances can be deceiving! In conversation with the owners, we discovered that half of the house was to later serve as an office. As the office side would face the garden, the original idea was to build a long corridor leading from the kitchen to the terrace door. Our conceptual background for this project was “surface thinking”, in which we wished to unite contrasting materials and colors over various walls and surfaces.  In this way, the style is contemporary and minimalist using natural materials throughout. The focal point of the interior is a wall finished in white marble. Ceiling-high cabinets intimately house the coffee maker, oven and microwave while providing a plethora of storage space. In the middle we provided an opening for a freestanding fridge. An island with drawers for cooking and dining essentials extracts the kitchen from the dining room while maintaining an open ambiance.

investor: private designer: Anna Smardz Marmur Studio design date: 2015 execution date: 2016 area: 25m2 location: Chojnow fot. Maciej Lulko



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